Shade and warm sun

This is the perfect time of the day, when the sun comes in and tiptoes around the walls, playing hide and seek with the floor, dropping elusive hints of warmth here and there.

These are my kind of rooms. A white canvas, lots of metal and other texture, rich upholstery and textiles, windows and a dash of color in the corners, on the floor, in the accents.


All images via the stunning Baobab Interiors Tumblr. You'll never want to leave.

But first...

Download and print this free but first, coffee wall art for your home or office! Directions: Click the download button below to download the PDF file. Press print. Paper recommendation: Card stock paper is recommended for this printable.:
Happy August, everybody! Hope it's sunny where you are. We are bang in the middle of the monsoons here and loving every minute of it. 

Flamingo Art

I love the bright colours of the Flamingo. They are such quirky birds with their long legs, curved beaks, pink plumage and the stance of a yogi. Little wonder then that they make such popular subjects for art.

A Famous Bird Illustration…and where to get your own (for FREE!) | The Painted Hive | Bloglovin’:

Get a copy of this one for yourself here.

Absolutely+Beautiful+Things+Pink | Coloured Pencil Sketch - Pink Flamingo:

flamingo pattern:

Margaret Berg Art : Illustration : tropical / jungle:

Flamingos Art Print:
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