Exquisite amulet jewellery from Lai

It's the season for exquisite jewellery and I love this new collection from Lai. 'Amulets, lockets and Talismans' brings to you the traditional secret holders. Keep a lock of hair, a tiny note, anything precious and sacred close to you. Or just use them as jewellery to stand out from the crowd. Here are some of my favorites from the collection.

Minimalist, tribal-chic, bi-metal earrings with sterling silver body and gold plated brass amuletic units (PB-MM1040-ER)

Stunning, tribal chic, hexagon tubular sterling silver amuletic bracelet (PB-1363-B)

Ethereal, vintage inspired, sterling silver round locket bracelet (PB-1347-B)

Statement, tribal-chic, hexagon tubular sterling silver long amuletic necklace (PB-1984-N)

Ravishing, chic, sterling silver long amuletic pendant with fine granulation work (PB-9388-P)

Victorian-era inspired, beautiful locket pendant in sterling silver with fine granulation work (PB-9387-P)

Drawer ring with secret compartment!

Exquisite, chic rectangular gold plated brass drawer ring (PB-BR1189-R)

Exquisite, sterling silver tubular amuletic ring with conical ends and a gold plated brass shank (PB-MM1074-R)Gorgeous, beaded texture square sterling silver locket ring (PB-1242-R)

All of the silver pieces are also available in a gold finish. There's a lot more gorgeousness on the site. Go take a look. 

Razia Kunj Handcrafted jewellery

There is only one way that Facebook can trick me into clicking on its ads - show me vibrant Indian jewellery or clothing and I'm done for. The gorgeous temple jewellery from Razia Kunj caught my eye this morning. Showcased on Gaatha, each piece is a treasure. Bright colours, intricate work and the sheer novelty of these earrings and neckpieces makes me want to spend my precious Rs.100 notes. It's perhaps a good thing that these don't come cheap. I'll make Santa pay for them instead.

Here are some of my favourites. Santa, please note.

If you've got money to spend, visit the Razia Kunj shop. Wish I had seen this before demonetisation...

Free 2017 Calendars: a roundup

I don't know about you, but I'm quite ready for this year to be over and done with. I usually have my 2017 calendars printed towards September, but I haven't got around to doing this yet. If you're in the same confused, overwhelmed and disorganized boat, here are some lovely (and free) calendars to keep you straight in the New Year. Things are going to get worse before they get better, so stay organised, stay positive.

Click on the image to get to the respective blogs. Enjoy!

Such a cute free printable 2017 calendar! Click through to the post to snag it!

FREE 2017 Printable Calendars — 20+ options to choose from, plus both Sunday and Monday starts

Get organized in the New Year with these 2017 Printable Calendars – available in 6 gorgeous colors!

FREE DOWNLOAD 2017 Calendar!

Free Printable 2017 Calendars - Completely editable online!!! Use them for menu planning, homeschooling, blogging, or just to organize your life.

A free eco-tips calendar from Botanical Paperworks

Live green and love the Earth with this vibrant Free Printable 2017 Eco Tips Calendar that includes eco-facts, quotes and tips to go green. Simply download and print the PDF at home!

Stay organized with this free printable 2017 monthly calendar and weekly planner. Includes September-December 2016 so you can get started using it now!


And here's one with its own DIY coloring sides as well!
2017 calendar to color



Shade and warm sun

This is the perfect time of the day, when the sun comes in and tiptoes around the walls, playing hide and seek with the floor, dropping elusive hints of warmth here and there.

These are my kind of rooms. A white canvas, lots of metal and other texture, rich upholstery and textiles, windows and a dash of color in the corners, on the floor, in the accents.


All images via the stunning Baobab Interiors Tumblr. You'll never want to leave.

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